Pain around the tooth and gum is said as tooth ache. Most of us have suffered this terrible event of pain once in our life time. Dental carries is the one of the most common cause in children for tooth pain.

            Dental carries, inflammations due to bacteria, dental fracture, damaged filling, foods in the gaps of teeth are other causes for your tooth ache. In many cases tooth ache appears at night making you sleepless. At that time you will have to think about some home remedies that really work. Yes, there are some home remedies that really work. Let’s go get them right?

1)      Clove or clove oil: - Clove is famous for his anesthetic and anti-inflammatory property. Clove will be available in all kitchens. Eugenol is the chemical compound present in the clove which causes the anesthetic effect. Take tow drops of clove oil in a pinch of cotton and place it against the effected tooth for few minutes.  You can chew one clove with effected tooth and it releases its oil. 

2)      Warm Salt water treatment: - Warm salt water can help to reduce the swelling and cleans the area. It also helps to reduce inflammation. Take a glass of lukewarm water and mix half Tspn of kitchen salt. Rinse your mouth thoroughly. You can use it regularly to prevent further episodes of pain and to keep your teeth clean.

3)      Garlic: - Garlic is natural antibiotic. It can reduce the inflammation and can arrest the growth of bacteria causing tooth pain. You can use one smashed garlic clove with table salt and apply it directly on effected tooth. Or you can simply chew a garlic piece with effected teeth. It may not work if the pain is by temporomandibular joint disorder.

4)      Pepper with salt: - It was a most common tooth paste for a long time in India especially in Kerala. Both pepper and salt has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. Take equal proportion of salt and pepper powder, mix it to make it a paste and apply it on effected tooth. Do it every to cure your tooth infection.

5)      Hydrogen peroxide: - Rinse your mouth with 3% hydrogen peroxide solution. It will kill the bacteria and will help you to relive pain. After doing this you will have to wash your mouth with pure water. You may have to consult a dentist if the pain reappear.

6)      Ice pack it: - place ice packs on effected area of teeth. It will help to reduce the pain. You can apply the ice on the effected side chin also. Studies have shown that massaging the hands with ace will reduce the tooth pain.

7)      Peppermint tea: - Peppermint tea has a soothing effect. It will help you to relive your pain. Put some dried peppermint leaves to a cup of boiling water. Cool it and rinse your mouth with it.

8)      Onion: - Onion has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It will provide pain relief caused by bacteria. Chew a piece of raw onion to ease the inflammation and pain. If you can’t chew it, place a slice of onion on effected tooth.

9)      Ginger roots: - Ginger is one of the king of home remedy. It has powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. Take a clean ginger and takes its peels off. Slice it to small pieces and chew it with the tooth that hurts.

These home remedies are stopgap measures. You need to consult your dentist to diagnose your problem. Most of these home remedies are for pain and inflamed gum and teeth mostly cause by bacteria.

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