According to official sources, more than 20,000 cases of dengue fever cases were reported in India in the year 2015, up to the month of September. The actual count must be higher than this. The outbreak which occurred in Kerala from June to September this year is really an alarming one and the clinically suspected/confirmed cases were all admitted in government/private hospitals because of the fear about the disease generated in the public. The economic burden which the victim suffers if calculated will be really an alarming figure.

Dengue fever, homeopathy

Even in such panic situation, a small percentage of cases approached homeopathic doctors with confidence and many of us were able to treat them successfully with our medicines. With regular follow up investigations and proper general management we too became a part of general medical stream in the management of dengue epidemic this year. The sign and symptoms of dengue fever were mostly atypical when compared to the classical features mentioned in the medical textbooks.

Classical clinical features of dengue:-

·         High fever
·         Severe headache
·         Retro-orbital pain – which worsens with eye movements
·         Myalgia (Muscular pain)
·         Arthralgia (Joint pain)
·         Rash – flushing over chest and upper limbs
·         Mild hemorrhagic manifestations (Petachiae, mucus membrane bleeding)

Clinical features observed in the cases under study: -

Mild fever
Fever with above 102 degree only.
In tow cases out of 15 the patient was surprisingly afebrile in two cases
In all of them the first symptom appeared was headache.
Eye pain

11 cases reported eye pain
Pain was aggravated by motion of eyes
In all of them body pain was there.

None of them presented a rash during the course of the fever. Urticarial rash and itching appeared in 5 of them after fever.
Hemorrhagic manifestations
The lowest platelet count observed was 38,000. No hemorrhagic manifestations were observed in any of the cases.

Characteristic atypical clinical features observed: -

Intense weakness was symptoms in all the fifteen cases. Weakness persisted even after fever.
Bitter taste in mouth
Bitter taste in mouth was also a common symptom in all cases.
Loss of appetite
Loss of appetite was prominent during and after fever.

Repertorial Analysis of the symptoms to find out the genus epidemicus

1)      Head pain, fever before
2)      Eye pain, motion of eye agg.
3)      Generalities, weakness, fever during
4)      Taste, bitter, fever during
5)      Stomach, appetite, wanting, fever during

Repertorial result: -

China 13/6
Bryonia 12/6
Rhus tox 11/6

Remaining symptoms: -
·         Generalities, weakness, fever after : china
·         Stomach, appetite, wanting fever after : china

Final selection: China
China 30 was used in all these cases and it was repeated as needed. Ferr met, ie the complimentary of china was used in two cases in follow up treatment.

Positive response to the medicine: -

The first positive response observed was the relief in symptomatology, especially weakness. Weakness of the patients increased with platelet count reduction and relieved with the improvement in platelet count. Reappearance of appetite was the second most important positive signal after medicine. 7 of them developed mild lower respiratory infection afterwards and they were treated symptomatically.

Complications: -
 None among the fifteen developed any complications of dengue especially hemorrhagic complications. One of the case developed mild pneumonia two weeks after the relief of symptoms. None of them were hospitalized.

Author Bio:
Dr. K Saji. BHMS, MD (hom)
Director, IHMA school of Homeopathy


 Homeopathic Medical panorama Vol:22 No:4

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