Urine, health, urology, yellow urine

No color:
That means you are drinking too much of water. You may need to cut back some.

Transparent yellow:
Your urine is good. Just normal

Amber or honey:
You body is not getting enough water. You need to drink more.

Brown ale:
You may have liver disease. Drink more water and if it persist, consult a doctor.

Pink to reddish:
If you have not eaten beets or blueberries recently, your urine has blood in it. It may not be something serious or it can be urinary tract infection, a kidney stone, tumor or something else.  Contact your doctor.

May be you are not drinking enough water. Or it could be any liver disease. Any way contact your doctor.

Wait a minute! green?! Yes don’t worry. There is a rare genetic condition that turns your urine to blue or green. Or it could be any food dye that you ate just before. Consult your doctor if it persists.


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