There are two types of condoms they are male condoms and female condoms. A condom is made up of latex rubber, polyurethane, or lambskin.
It is used to prevent sperms to enter to female genitals to prevent pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.

how to use condom properly

According the NHS (National Health Service, UK), males condoms are 98% effective against pregnancy if used correctly, while female condoms are about 95% effective.

How to use a male condom properly?

Let me explain it by the info-graphics.

condom mistakes

Top 6 common Condom mistakes that people do

·         Keeping it in back pocket:  Do not keep a condom in your wallet which is usually kept in back pocket. Unnecessary friction and heat can damage the condom. Keep it in dry cool place. Do not forget to check it’s expiry date before using.  

·         Low space at the tip: leave enough space for the semen at the tip of your condom when you put it on. If there is no space for it, there is a chance of leakage which makes it useless. Hold the tip of the condom while you role it down on wearing.

·         Using wrong type: Condoms are available in different sizes and types. Make sure that you are using perfect sized condom. If you use a small sized condom, that could cause squeezing the blood vessels.

use correct size condom

·         Late to put it on: It is better to use a condom from the beginning. If you wear it after the intercourse has already started, it may not prevent STDs. It can also cause slipping.

·         Removing it early:  If you need full protection, you will need to put it on till the end. Removing it early can cause leakage of semen.

·         Reuse a condom: You are supposed to use a condom only once.

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