A woman is the ‘heart’ of the family, where man is the ‘brain’.  The things in man and women are entirely deferent physically and mentally. If you don’t understand those differences, things in your partner is going to be tough.

I have seen a lot of couples ended up in divorce in few months. When they are asked why? The answer will be ‘Cannot adjust …’ ‘She doesn't understand me’. Understanding and adjusting each other really matters in a relationship. It is so important to a girl to understand what a man really need and how do they think.

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So I am going to give you some important things about man to be known by a wife.


   1)    Man show love and Romance with actions: -

 Man may not be that romantic by worlds as seen on the Hollywood movies. He may not know how to surprise you to show his love. He shows his love by helping you in the kitchen, garden and taking care of some of your things. It is better if you let him know what you really want and expect.  Man is not a good mind reader.

   2)    Husband work good with clear conversations: -

 Talk to him to the point. If you want your husband listen to you try to tell him clearly and precisely. You don’t have to explain everything in detail from the beginning to the end.  Don’t ever yell at him at any cost. That is going to harm your relationship.

   3)    Let him be a hero: -

Man love to be a hero. Did you notice him that he loves movies showing heroism?  They love to be a hero at least on you. They love chasing and competitions. Praise him and let him know that he is your man.  Thank him for what he did to you. Stop complaining about what he hasn't done to you.

   4)    Man is focused on solution: -

Women feel happy after talking about a problem while men feel happy after solving the problem. As I told you, he is the brain of your family. He hates to dwell on unpleasant things and talking about them. Support your man to solve those problems that sitting sad on thinking about them. Celebrate with him when he solves problems.

   5)    Once in a while he wants to be left alone: -

            Yes he loves to be alone once in a while. It doesn’t mean that he is ignoring you. Some men find alone time on toilet or sitting in the car doing nothing or just dreaming something. Just give him his space and time. A wife doesn’t have to get disturbed by what he might be thinking on those times! Trust me He is just doing nothing!

   6)    He has selective hearing loss! : -

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            Actually he hears you first time. If he is not interested or lazy on what you said, he may not listen to it. In that case it is better not to nag him. Or if you continuously command it again and again, he is never going to do the thing that you are telling him. He may not be interested in gossiping as you do. He will get engaged on something else as you gossip about someone to him. In that case you don’t have to complaint that he is not listening to you. As I told you before, just talk to him precisely once or twice.

   7)      Man needs respect: -

He desires to get respected. Respect your husband at home if you want him to be respected outside. Man really want sex and respect, if you don’t give it to him (more than he deserves) he will get it from outside. Never lecture him in front of his friends. Do not ever yell at him at home or outside.

   8)    You may get him happier with his friends: -

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 He laughs louder, run around, makes some funny commends when he is with his friends. Man really love being with friends. It does not really mean that he was unhappy with you. Accept his friends (even though you do not like them).

   9)    He loves to be your protector: -

Your husband wants to keep you safe and warm. Show him that you need him. He loves to be a protector as a father and a husband. He really cares about the responsibility of his family as a husband and a father. Give him chances to help you. It is important to letting him know you feel that protection.

   10)     Let him drive: -

Not the vehicle actually but the family. Give him the power to manage you and kid’s things. Ask his opinions on the things you are going to do.  Letting him drive does not mean that you are giving up or you are inferior. if he knows that you are giving the power to him, he will be happy to do the things in your way.

   11)      He needs sexual intimacy: -

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They need sex like food. Be available for him at any time. Be attractive for him. Let him know that you enjoy it. Husband loves to hear your orgasm. Try not to reject it when he wants it. When a husband feels rejected sexually, he not only feels his wife is rejecting him physically, but that she is somehow rejecting his life as a husband, provider and man.



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