Every woman wants her skin to be as beautiful, soft and silky as that of a baby.
Every woman wants their skin care regime to deliver so that they can live and laugh confidently and authentically.  It may sound as if skin care is a lot of hard work, if not an impossible job. But it does not have to be so. We are here to share 10 very easy-to-apply tips for beautifulskin:

Glowing skin, tips

1.      Wash your face at-least one time in the evening with cleanser. Give cleanser sometime to sit on your skin and after that splash your face with warm water. Do it regularly; it will remove the daily dust, makeup and oil from your skin. You can do this step twice a day if your skin is extremely oily.

2.      Apply sunscreen (with at-least 30 SPF) after every 2 hours. Since the ingredients of sunscreen mostly work for 2 hours it is necessary to re-apply it after that to prevent your skin from sun damage.

3.      Eating salmon which is enriched with omega 3 acids can help hydration of your skin from inside out resulting in prevention of skin inflammation. Moreover drinking green tea can help in fighting the radical structures which cause damage to the skin cells. Enough use of both of these will ensure permanently healthy and smooth skin.

4.      Exercise helps you increase your heart rate which results in terrific skin glow. Regular exercise will ensure proper blood circulation to all the skin cells, and your oxygen intake capacity will also increase to a great extent. More exercise – more skin glow.

5.      Drink at-least 15 to 20 glass of water daily. Water is an essential component in the development of smooth skin. Drinking enough water means you won’t get dehydrated which means you can say farewell to dry skin.

6.      8 hour of stress-free sleep will ensure your skin gets all the essential blood nutrients which help in smoothing your skin.

7.      Visiting your dermatologist will help you to correctly analyze your and correctly diagnose any problems that it has, BEFORE using any skin products.  This way you will be able to use the right products on your skin instead of using some product which you don’t know about and which can interact with your skin in a rather damaging fashion instead of a helpful one

8.      Eat fresh vegetable and fruit salads on a regular basis. They will result in bringing a more natural smoothing look at your face.

9.      Apply white part of the egg on your skin as it is a great source of protein and will help prevent skin dryness.

10. Eat walnuts; they are a great source of Omega 3 acids which helps in smoothing any and every type of skin.

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