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It is a good thing that you decided to quit smoking and I hope that you are well aware of the risk factors of smoking.
This is not an easy task, but of cause you can do it without harming anything but earning so much on it.

Within hour of stopping smoking your body start recover from the effect of nicotine and addictives. Heart rate, blood pressure and your temperature turn back to normal lever which were increased or altered due to nicotine.

It may show some withdrawal symptoms like
·         Insomnia
·         Tremors
·         Increased coughing
·         Fatigue
·         Constipation or upset stomach
·         Depression
·         Decreased heart rate
All these withdrawal symptoms will go off within days or week.

Start your stop smoking plan

·         Tell your family, coworkers and friends that you plan to quit. Get support from them too.
·         Set a quit date within the next two weeks. And start your preparation to quit it.

·         Remove cigarettes and other tobacco products from your home, work place and vehicle. There should not be an emergency pack of cigarettes anywhere you go or deal with.

·         Wash your cloths, clean your car and freshen up anything that smells cigarette.

·         Anticipate and plan for the challenges you will face while quitting. There will be some mild withdrawal symptoms as I mentioned above.

·         Find out your triggers and avoid it or get occupied.

·         People usually smock after a meal, during alcohol, while talking on the phone, when stressed or after morning coffee.  Faint out your triggers and get occupied or distract your mind.

·         Replace your smoke after meals with a snack or a healthy desert.

·         Learn relaxing techniques like yoga or exercise to cop up with your stress and unpleasant feelings.

·         Get away from co-smokers. You should tell your smoking friends about your decision of quitting smoking. You should let them know that they will not be able smoke when they are with you on the car, coffee shop or on work break.


Coping with cigarette cravings

Ø  Find an oral substitute like a candy low sugary chewing gum or sun flower seeds
Ø  Keep your mind busy by reading, listening to music you love or soduco puzzling.
Ø  Keep your hands busy by squeezing a ball or drawing with pencil in order to satisfy the stimulation.
Ø  Brush your teeth to get fresh feeling
Ø  Drink plenty of water which can help you to reduce craving.
Ø  Start doing something like yoga, jogging or a walk to relax.
Ø  Use nicotine gum or a nicotine patch to reduce the craving if necessary.

Stay healthy | Be happy

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