Liveitstrongerhad explained the Cause and types of acne. What we all women want is a complete solution to get rid from that nightmare. Girls have the habit of seeing the mirror again and again for no reason and if they find a small pimple over anywhere in face they will pinch it so that no one could see it but spot in face is comes when we Pinch the pimples in face. A beautiful glowing face with no spot is the dream of all women. What women not do to get such a beautiful face, Day by day they search for the new products which cure the spot from the face and make it glow more. The use of chemical product at face daily is not good. Let us have look on what a women can do at house to shin like a star. 

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Take a tomato which is always available in kitchen and squeeze the juice out. Mix that juice with one spoon of honey and apply it in face. Wash it out using cold water after 20 minute. Women can get glowing skin very easily if they doing it daily.

Gram flour can do much on women face. Mix gram flour either with milk or honey or rosewater. Apply the mixture on your face and face it out with cold water after 30 minute.  You will get a spot less face within 30 minute. It will show the effect of facial.

Turmeric powder has a great role in healing the spot as well pimple from the face.  Mix the turmeric powder (not the one what we use for cooking) with milk and apply to the face. You will get more fair skin as well that is a great treatment for the pimple. Turmeric powder is the secret of golden color of Kerala women’s. Applying the mixture of turmeric powder and oil will help to heal from the cracking foot.

What a simple potato can do on your face. Rinsing a piece of potato in face will help to rid from dark circle around the eyes as well dark spot from the face. Doing the same thing with onion is also help to heal the dark spot in the face. Wrinkles also treated by onion

 Neem is a good home remedy for the acne. They are rich in against parasitic, hostile to bacterial and blood cleansing properties functioning as a best characteristic astringent. Take some Neem leaf and grind it until you get it in the paste form. Add some turmeric powder, multani mitti and milk. Apply this mixture for 20 minute on the face. This will cool your face cell and prevent it from acne forming.  Boil the water after putting some names on it, washing your face with this water help to prevent the acne

        If one could remove the dead cell from the face then they will get a glowing face. Cucumber mask will help to remove the dead skin from the face. Apply cucumber paste on face for 30 minute will help to get a glowing skin. Blend some cucumber and directly apply on face.

Whenever you apply any kind of mask on face you have to be very careful to not speak when the mask is on your face since that will lead to get wrinkle on your face.

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