Happiness is the interval between periods of unhappiness. - Don Marquis

Happiness is a mental or emotional state of well-being characterized by positive or pleasant emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy.
Most of us think that a perfect body, money or fame can bring happiness. None of them cannot bring you happiness for ever but those things can be contributing factors for happiness for a short time.
Happiness is not ready made and it comes on your actions. According to Dr. Robert Holden, founder of The Happiness Project, "those looking for happiness often don't realize they already have it"
Let me help to fix the things that might have made you unhappy.

1)    Have a Cute smile on your face

Have a smile on your face every time when you interact with people.
The smile has to be genuine as fake smiling can affect you so badly. Smiling is contagious. When you smile to someone they smile back at you too. A smile is a precious thing that can gift to any one without spending money. When you gift a smile to someone, you make them happy and you make yourself happy too.
A good laughter can make you feel better.

2)    Surround yourself with happy people

If you have many happy friends you too will feel happy. As I told about smile, happiness is contagious. Follow the goods things that those happy friends do. Have a active relationships with happy people

3)    Lend a helping hand

Helping others can bring happiness in you. So I suggest you to get some times to help others. You do not have to spend money for helping other if you don’t have it. Simple act of kindness like giving your hand to old aged people to stand or give your seat to them can make them happy which will of cause make you happier too.

4)    Learn to forgive

Forgiving to those who pain you is a great thing. While holding a grudge against the person is a bad thing. It is easier said than done.
When we hold a grudge against other people, we harbor feelings of resentment, hostility and anger. Let me warn you that these emotions can putyour heart at risk of heart attack.
When you forgive someone, it will help you to forget that bad thing. Thus your heart will feel light weight.

5)    Feel sorry ; say sorry

We all are humans. We make mistakes. There will be some difficult situations and when we go out of control, someone get hurt. Make a habit of saying sorry for your mistakes. Be sincere when you feel sorry. Saying sorry to your friend from deep inside can make that relationship stronger. Strong relationships can bring you happiness.
You will feel relieved and happy when you say sorry. So it is better not to hurt anyone. When you hurt someone say sorry by hugging them.

6)    Maintain a healthy body.

It is said that a sound body has a sound mind.
A 2008 study conducted at the University of Nebraska examined data from surveys about health, happiness and life satisfaction. Its conclusion was that healthy people are generally happier and that happy people are generally healthier.
As you know, excessive drinking and smoking can harm your healthy body.
Do some physical activity that you love like running, dancing or playing to maintain your body perfect.
Exercise releases proteins and endorphins that can make brain feel happier.

7)      At the end of the day, think of positive things that you have done.

Before you sleep just go through the positive things that made you feel better at that day. It can give you a positive energy. And while thinking about the negative things just go through the mistakes that you made and find out how to prevent it next time

8)    Take a break; Listen to your heart.

This technique may not be applicable to all. In every weekend go to a lonely place. Simply close your eyes and just listen to your heart. Make sure that the place you chose should be full of greeneries something like a plantation area.
There are many things that your heart wants you to tell you or listen to. Listen to the sounds of birds and splashing and gurgling sounds of the river. They all want to tell you something really sweet.
And also remember the positive things that you have done last week.

9)    Get a good sleep

A study shows that sleep deprived people have difficulty in remembering positive ideas and easier in remembering negative ideas. Positive thoughts can make our life happier.
Getting enough sleep is essential to face the upcoming day by giving us more energy and happiness.  Not only will our body recover and repair, but we will be more focused and more productive.

There are many other unique things that can make you happier. You have to find out those things. If you feel happy, all those around you too will feel good. Happiness is contagious and fast spreading. Let me conclude it by this quote

“Joy is to get what you want, but peace is to be happy with what you get”

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