We are seeing ads like ‘lose yourweight in 30 days or 10 days’ everywhere. Dietitians and physical trainers are talking about only weight lose. If some enquire about weight gaining programs, people will stare at him enviously. But the truth is there are many people who want to put weight on.

When it comes to sudden weight lose, there can be some unpleasant things going on your body and they need to evaluate their health status as soon as possible as there can be some serious illnesses like Tuberculosis and even cancer.

Here we are trying to give you some useful healthy guidelines to gain weight for those who are under weight as per BMI (Body mass index).

It might not be healthy to gain considerable weight in a couple of days. You will have to weight and follow the instructions given below to make it healthy weight gaining.

Being a little underweight is not necessarily a problem but sudden weight loss matters.
For a healthy weight gaining you have to focus on calorie rich and nutrient rich foods. You cannot depend on only calorie rich foods as nutrients rules to make your body healthy.

Tips to follow for healthy weight gain

1)     Eat a rich break fast
A well balanced breakfast is an excellent way to wake up your metabolism and your appetite. Make sure you have a grain, some protein, and a fruit to start your day. Try a yogurt berry parfait with granola OR a bagel sandwich with eggs & cheese and some juice

2)     Plan to eat 5 to 6 times a day
Eating mini meals in frequent intervals can help you to pack the calories for the day. By doing this, at the end of the day, your “energy in” must be greater than your “energy out” in order to gain weight.

3)     Focus on healthy nutrient and calorie rich foods

When you eat calorie rich foods like fast food, pizza, and milkshakes, try to balance it with some nutrient rich foods like fruits veggies whole grains, and a variety of protein sources, such as meat, nuts, beans, and dairy. Enrich the foods with additional ingredients like yogurt, fruit, nuts, and healthy fats.

4)     Vary your diet, especially the protein

Eating the same foods every day can be boring. Get creative and try something new. Start with a variety of protein sources: cheese, nuts, beef, fish, yogurt, pork, beans, chicken, yogurt, turkey, cottage cheese, lamb, eggs, etc.

5)     Go nutrient dense
Instead of eating a lot of empty calories and junk food, focus on eating foods that are rich in nutrients. Consider high-protein meats, which can help you to build muscle. Also, choose nutritious carbohydrates, such as brown rice and other whole grains. This helps ensure your body is receiving as much nourishment as possible.

6)     Stimulate your hunger

Taking a little walk before eating is one of the many ways to help fire up your appetite. Eat your favorite food when you are not feeling hungry.

7)     Do Muscle Building (Anaerobic) Exercises 

 Muscle building exercises increase appetite and also increase weight as your body builds muscle. Exercise, especially cardio work-outs, burns calories that you must replace by eating more. 3-5 days of physical activity each week can assure optimal outcomes

8)     Get a regular refreshing sleep

After all a human body needs an adequate rest. Sleep  is designed for rest. On average, most people need ~8 hours of sleep/ night. However, some people function well on 6 hours/night while others need 10+ hr/ night to feel fully rested.
Listen to your heart and do what your heart says if it doesn’t hurt anybody. Stay away from everything which hurts someone in any form is a simple technique for a peaceful life.

Stay healthy; keep your cute smile ON every time J



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