Why do pregnant women suffer from nausea and vomiting?

"Nausea and vomiting are the commonest symptoms experienced in the first trimester of pregnancy, affecting 70-85% of women"

The exact cause for this is not known. Some doctors believe it as due to imbalance in blood glucose level.
Many midwives and doctors believe that morning sickness is more common in women carrying twins or triplets
Family history of hyperemesis gravidarum is seen in some cases.

Sudden increase in estrogen and hCG (a pregnancy hormone) can be another cause for this as nausea and vomiting ceases when these hormones decrease.

Will this vomiting affect my baby?

      Obviously it will not affect your baby’s health at all. It is a normal symptom of pregnancy. You should replace the water and energy that you lost by vomiting by eating fruits and small snacks. If it becomes severe and exhausting, the women should get hospitalized. I have seen some ladies who have been vomiting till the last month of their pregnancy and they have given birth to healthy babies weighing more than 3 Kg.

How can I prevent or reduce these symptoms?

·         Take your own time when you get up. Don’t get up quickly from bed.
·         Eat something small when you go to sleep.
·         Reduce stress and anxiety.
·         Enjoy light music and sit calm.
·         Eat some Dry snacks when you get up from bed.
·         Eat small meals at frequent intervals.
·         Make sure that you take plenty of water regularly.
·         Avoid caffeine.
·         Some women find ginger tea helps a lot.
·         Give some physical rest after eating. Sit upright position for a little time after food.
·         Fresh open air can help to reduce the symptoms

·         Avoid triggering factors like Bad smell, Spicy Food, sudden movements, fatty food and very hot food.

Home remedies for Morning sickness

Smell a fresh lemon can help to reduce morning sickness. Fresh lemon juice is also advices for this.

1 Tsp of pure apple cider vinegar, 8oz. filtered water, and 1T pure honey can help you to cop up with your nausea and head ache during pregnancy

Red raspberry leaf tea is really good for your morning sickness.

Ginger juice with 1 tsp of honey every morning can reduce the vomiting symptoms. Simply chewing a piece of ginger also helps.

Chew 1 tsp of fennel seed after every meal. It will help to digest the food faster. It can prevent morning sickness also.

Eat crackers: crackers can go easy on your stomach. So it ceases the feeling of nausea and vomiting. It is good to start eating with crackers in the morning.

Stay hydrated: you need to be hydrated during pregnancy.  It is found that there is much reduction in morning sickness feeling in those who drinks water frequently.


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